Bronson Raw Bearings
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- "Free at last!" - Shieldless design, which makes maintenance a breeze
- "Fast, Slick & Non-stick" - The races come with a Tungsten coating, which is a dry lubricant, which will stay on for long and provide you with low drag and a better lifespan
- "The Sound of Speed" - Raw bearings are shieldless and thus quite loud, which a lot of skaters prefer
- "Maximum Impact" - The cage is designed with high wear and tear resistance and built to withstand impacts from landing tricks
- "Rollin' Deep" - Deep Groove Raceways keeps the balls sitting deeper in the raceway channels, which drastically reduces axial and angular impact damage
- "Shred Ready" - Each bearing is inspected by hand, micro-polished and ultrasonically washed 3 times before being packaged

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49,00 €

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